» » Apple TV vs Roku: Which streaming box should you buy?

Apple TV vs Roku: Which streaming box should you buy?

Apple TV vs Roku

Although most of the streaming features are same in the all streaming device, Roku has some advanced features which are not available in other streaming devices. With advanced features, Roku com link becomes more popular day by day.
Here we are going to compare between Apple TV vs Roku streaming device.

Apple TV vs Roku

Apple TV:

Apple TV is costly as compare to Roku streaming player as well as lacks the app store. Apple TV comes with the small remote control which doesn’t have extra functionality and there is no shortcut button as well. In addition, Apple TV has less content in the app store.

Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

Roku TV has the well designed structure with advanced streaming features. The features of Roku TV are same as Roku streaming player. The main difference only is, in this you don’t have need to add streaming player. Roku provides enhanced remote control with advanced functionality.

Features of Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

  • Have small size which is easy to carry
  • Provides streaming through wireless network as well as wired network
  • Comes with HDMI cable as well as composite cable
  • If you have old TV then you can use component cable for connection
  • Provides Headphone jack for private listining
  • Roku.com/link account maintain all your Roku related details as well as user details
  • Roku remote control have shortcut buttons for popular channels and apps
  • It is easy to setup
  • Roku provides more than 1000+ free channels
  • Roku provides more than 3500+ paid channels
  • You can add unlimited channels according to your choice from the channel store
  • Roku provide facility to add your credit card details in your Roku.com/link account
  • Provide 24*7 technical support service
  • Provide chat support service
  • If user don’t have time, they can use Roku chat support service

Why you should buy Roku streaming player:

There are many reasons to buy Roku streaming player as we tell you in features of Roku streaming player. Besides this, Roku provides technical support as well as online support service. Moreover, now Roku provides mobile app for comfort. If you are facing any problem in Roku device you can take instant help from our technician.

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