» » How to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV?

How to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV?

Connect Roku TV with laptop

This is not a big issue to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV. Sometimes users face the problems during the process. So, here we are providing you the guidelines. Moreover, you have to follow these guidelines in order to play the content of your laptop to your TV.
We are showing you the guidelines below.

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Determine video output port on your laptop:

Firstly, you have to determine video output port on your laptop. Moreover, your laptop may have more than one port. In addition, these ports are located on the back of your laptop. Follow the steps.

Check video input port on your Roku TV:

This is totally depends on your TV type. Moreover, it depends on your standard HD TV or simple TV. In most of the TV models, video input ports are located on the back of your TV. Besides this, it may locate on the side of your TV.

Determine cable according to your laptop and TV:

First of all, if you have more than one option, need to connect by using the highest quality. Moreover, HDMI connection is the standard cable connection for the new TV as well as laptop. In addition, HDMI connection has the best quality as well as effortless settings. Besides this, if your TV has composite port, you can use the composite cable.

Audio cable (if required):

Some of the computers and HD TV are able to connect TV audio. Moreover, most of the TV needs separate audio and TV cable connections. Besides this, if you are using HDMI cable for connection, no need to carry separate audio cables. In addition, HDMI cable able to carry both audio signals as well as the video signal.

So, these are the guidelines that you have to follow. If you are facing any issues regarding roku.com/link or Roku activation Code, you can try another option. Moreover, you can use technical support service in order to solve your problems. We are always here to provide help. Our technicians will help you to solve all major as well as minor issues. You may visit us at our website www.rokuactivation.net.

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