Install and remove the channel from Roku channel list in

Now we are going to discuss some simple steps to install and removing the channel from the channel list After setting up Roku Activation Code.

Removing a channel from Roku channel list:

In Order to remove the channel, follow the steps mentions below:

Move to the home screen of your Roku Player.
Select the channel which you want to remove, but remember does not press enter.
Press the asterisk button from your Roku remote with channel highlighted.
Click on “Remove Channel” button.

Install and Re-add the Roku Channel:

To install the Roku channel, follow simple steps:

Go to Home screen using Roku remote and click the search button.
Enter the channel name that you want to add than channel will appear on the top right side of your Roku TV screen.
Click “Add Channel” button Than Roku device automatically add it to the channel list.

How to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV?

Connect Roku TV with laptop

This is not a big issue to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV. Sometimes users face the problems during the process. So, here we are providing you the guidelines. Moreover, you have to follow these guidelines in order to play the content of your laptop to your TV.
We are showing you the guidelines below.

Roku TV, rokucomlinkactivation

Determine video output port on your laptop:

Firstly, you have to determine video output port on your laptop. Moreover, your laptop may have more than one port. In addition, these ports are located on the back of your laptop. Follow the steps.

Check video input port on your Roku TV:

This is totally depends on your TV type. Moreover, it depends on your standard HD TV or simple TV. In most of the TV models, video input ports are located on the back of your TV. Besides this, it may locate on the side of your TV.

Determine cable according to your laptop and TV:

First of all, if you have more than one option, need to connect by using the highest quality. Moreover, HDMI connection is the standard cable connection for the new TV as well as laptop. In addition, HDMI connection has the best quality as well as effortless settings. Besides this, if your TV has composite port, you can use the composite cable.

Audio cable (if required):

Some of the computers and HD TV are able to connect TV audio. Moreover, most of the TV needs separate audio and TV cable connections. Besides this, if you are using HDMI cable for connection, no need to carry separate audio cables. In addition, HDMI cable able to carry both audio signals as well as the video signal.

So, these are the guidelines that you have to follow. If you are facing any issues regarding or Roku activation Code, you can try another option. Moreover, you can use technical support service in order to solve your problems. We are always here to provide help. Our technicians will help you to solve all major as well as minor issues. You may visit us at our website

The Best Roku Channels for Watching Sports

Roku provides the verity of channels for all categories such as movies, TV shows, live shows, kids, home, sports and many more. Searching for the Best Roku Channels for Watching Sports? So, now we are going to show you some Roku sports channels, Which can be activated with Roku Activation Code at You can check out the list blow with information.

Roku Channels,

Find out your favorite Roku channels from here.

Roku sports channel list:


If you are the big fan of sports, you should choose MLB TV on Roku device. Moreover, you can watch more than 2,430 regular season games. Apart from this, you can watch on-demand content in HD quality. So, you can subscribe MLB TV from and start watching it.

MLS Live:

MLS provides subscription based service or on-demand service on Roku device. Moreover, you can watch more than 1000 of games. In addition, you can access archived as well as condensed games.


From here you can watch the regular season that is the out of the market. Moreover, you can watch NHL live games as well as on-demand only on Roku streaming player. Simply choose from home and start watching it.


NBS is one the most popular channel of sports on Roku. Moreover, you can watch videos, live games and video highlights. Apart from this, you can view the live score as well as updates.

Sports News channels:

That is not enough to watch sports but sports news is also necessary. So, now we are showing you the Roku sports news channels.

From CBS Sports channels, you are able to access on-demand videos on Roku. Moreover, you can watch live games as well as browse the categories. Apart from this, get updates related to breaking news, highlights as Fantasy advice. In addition, stream viral videos for basketball and football. So, just download it from Roku channel store and start watching it.

Fubo TV:

Fubo TV provides you the best streaming content in live sports as well as entertainment. Moreover, you can watch La Liga, EPL, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Golf, NCAA and many more.

So, this is the information about all Roku sports channels. Moreover, if you want to know more about it, Roku customer support is always there for your help. So, if you want then call us on Roku customer support number. Similarly, you can take help from Roku chat support service. Our experts will help you to solve your queries with issues.

Start Streaming for getting March Madness

Start Streaming for getting March Madness

We are bringing madness capped in a bottle- The March Madness. Get set to streaming all the game action on your Roku players. Come on, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with watching these fabulous court action!

Don’t think of Roku activation Code as a complicated process. Copy and paste the link code to your Roku account! Voila, your activation is done!



Games on TNT, truTV, and TBS are streaming alive on PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. Games on CBS are available on CBS All Access.

PlayStation Vue

Enjoy live action on sports, movies, news and your favorite must-watch series, starting at just $39.9.

Sling TV

Live TV and on-demand entertainment for only $20 which features all the hot action on ESPN, AMC, HGTV, TNT, Disney, and more.

CBS All Access

Watch the entire episodes of CBS primetime, late night and daytime shows, live & on-demand action starting at just $5.99.

If you are streaming with cable or satellite subscription

Catch all the games on TNT, truTV, and TBS live on March Madness! Watch the live games, previews and recaps through the NCAA March Madness’s official mobile application.

Here’s the game schedule to help you out.

  • Watch the official tournament kick off in Dayton, Ohio on March 14th to15th.
  • The first round of 32 games are packed for March 16th-17th.
  • The second round of 16 games are packed for March 18th-19th. The best 16 teams get ahead to Sweet Sixteen on March 23rd-24th. Watch the final battles of the Elite 8 teams on March 25th-28th
  • The grand Final Four and Championship will be held between April 1st to 3rd.

Happy streaming the March Madness! If need any any help with activation at, Do not hesitate to contact us.

You must know these features- otherwise, you are missing something

You must know these features- otherwise you are missing something features- Roku has a lot to offer even after putting Roku activation Code. Most people feel that once you setup Roku you are just streaming a few channels and that’s it! – There’s actually a lot more to it than just that. The Roku streamer is a beloved product and whether it is in the form of a streaming stick or a box, it delivers some of the best entertainment right into your living room. Though, there is more than meets the eye! There are certain hidden tricks for Roku that can drastically improve your streaming experience. Look for these hidden marvels from your Roku. features

  • The Roku Channel Store does not list all the channels. The secrets are in the Roku Guide. You can Add Channel by clicking on the desired link and you will be taken to the Roku Account page where you can enter your credentials.
  • You can stream locally stored content from your TV. There are many different channels but you may want to watch your favorite content that you have stored on your TV. For a price, you can Sign up for Plex that will organise your scattered content and allow you to access it from your phone, TV, tablet and other associated devices and even share it with your friends and family.
  • You can stream Netflix in high quality if you want visual clarity and sharpness.
    • Go to
    • Then access your Account
    • Click on Playback Settings
  • Get the best of Roku by downloading the Roku app (Android, Windows, iOS). You can access the keyboard for easy searching of content and stream the content on your phone or tablet.
  • If you don’t possess the current-generation Roku, don’t worry. Download the Roku app to avail of its voice search capabilities. You tap on Search and go to Voice and speak the movies or actor-wise choices that you wish to stream.
  • You can mirror content viewed on your Android or iOS device onto your TV screen. On your Roku device, go to Settings and then System. Then, select Mirroring.

If you face any problem with above steps or If you need any help with, Please contact us.

Why www.Roku.Com Link is necessary

Are you looking for Roku streaming device at link account activation? Okay, here you can find all the information about the Roku.

One thing you all must keep in mind that is very much necessary in order to deal with the Roku streaming device/player. So, if you want to set up and activate your Roku device then for this you must use. 

Now, lets us first talk about the Roku streaming device. link


Roku is a digital video player that streams TV shows, media, movies and more through the internet into your TV. It is very simple and easy to use. You can easily set up your Roku player in a few minutes.

Also, Roku can provide the streaming content through Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Pandora, capital TV and more. So, with the Roku there is no need to download the streaming content, you can easily access the content with Roku player.

Roku setup

    • First of all, you need to connect your Roku player to the TV either regular or HD TV.
    • You can connect your Roku device via a composite cable or a high-speed HDMI cable.
    • Now, bring your Roku remote and insert a pair of AA batteries in it.
    • After this, switch on your TV as well as Roku player.
    • Your TV will asks you to choose a language, so select a language accordingly.
    • Finally, it’s time to connect your Roku player to the internet.
    • You can connect either wired or wirelessly.
    • The wired network requires ethernet cable, LAN cables or the modems whereas wireless cable only requires to enter a username and the password.
    • Make sure that your TV and Roku player are connected to the same network.
    • Once your Roku player is connected to the network, wait for some couple of minutes because it is looking for the latest software.
    • After downloading and installing the latest software Roku automatically starts rebooting itself.
    • After rebooting and restarting Roku will show you the activation link code into your TV screen.
    • Now, it’s time to create your own Roku account. So, for this enter the personal information like name, address, email, contact information, and the payment details.
  • After creating the account on the Roku, you can easily activate your Roku streaming device. These are the steps which you must follow for setting up your Roku device.

So, for the link activation follow the steps shown below.

    • Before moving towards the Roku activation code, you must keep the following things in your mind like
    • Your Roku player must be connected to the power source.
    • You must connect your Roku player to the TV using the video cable.
    • Must connect your TV and the Roku device to the same internet connection.
  • Power on your Roku device and must select a type of network either wired or wireless.

Roku Activation Link steps

    • Now, click on the “submit”.
    • After this, create your own Roku account. For the account enter the personal information like name, address, email, contact information and the payment details.
    • If you already have an account on Roku then no need to create a new account again.
    • You need just to log in your existing account by typing the username and the password.
    • You can use 4 digit pin in order to protect your account.
    • As a result of all this, you will see the free channel list.
    • Now, you can add channels according to your interests.
    • In addition to this, you can also access the paid channels.
    • In order to get access to the paid channels, go to Roku channel store at and select appropriate channels.
    • So for the transaction enter the payment details like credit card number or the PayPal.
  • Now, you can enjoy Roku streaming device easily if you follow the above steps carefully.

Introducing Roku TV TCL – a simplified Smart TV for everyone

Roku TV TCL is also a streaming player on which you can watch a multiple number of online shows, music, TV episode etc. To Setup TCL tv you need to go to and enter Roku Activation code. Roku TV TCL has its many features.because of its feature its demand of purchasing increasing day by day.

Some of the latest and useful features of Roku TV TCL are:-


  • Video resolution
  • 4k Spotlight channels
  • Easy searching of channels
  • Smartphone connection
  • Creative remote
  • Powerful mobile app
  • USB Port slot

Video resolution:-

Roku TV TCL HAS 4K Ultra HD Resolution which offers you Stunning Ultra HD resolution With enhanced clarity and detail for all of your favorite content.

4k Spotlight channels:-

On Roku TV TCL you can easily find and enjoy your 4k spotlight channels with 4k video resolution quality.

Easy searching of channels:-

It is the very beneficial feature of Roku TV TCL. Without wasting your time on search, You can search your favorite channel frequently by the title, channel or actor’s name. Voice search option is also available on the mobile app which will provide you the fast way to search or the way to entertainment too.

Smart phone connection:-

You can also connect your Roku TV TCL to your smart phone. This feature will help you to share your data like photos, video etc from your smart phone to Roku TV TCL for watching them on the bigger screen.

Creative remote:-

Its remote is very simple with superb 20 buttons, which makes your way to navigation more easier.

Powerful mobile app:-

You can also download the Roku TV TCL app on your smart phone or tablet. You find it very useful for watching online content anytime and anytime but with the internet connection.without the internet you won’t be able to continue the app.

USB Port slot:-

In the back of the Roku TV TCL, there is also USB port where you can connect a storage device, an external hard drive or USB stick. It supports MKV, mk4 or h2 64 videos.

Roku TV TCL Channels

Roku TV TCL doesn’t support the flash video files but you can also run Plex media player server on it because plex server doesn’t care for what video format as it fetch files directly from your PC or network.Tube, Facebook, Netflix, NASA TV, FX NOW and you can add more if you want to add.
You can also install games. When you will watching shows on high definition standard then you will find the better image quality.If you will move to the standard definition then the images on your screen get stretched automatically.

How you can connect Roku TV TCL ?

This section explains how to connect your devices to the TCL Roku TV. All connections except power are connected on the back of the TV on the right. The power connection will be on the back of the TV on the left side.

Connecting an antenna, cable, or satellite box:-

  • If you are using an antenna, CATV cable without a set-top box, or a cable or satellite box that has only an antenna output, connect a 75-ohm coaxial cable from the device to the ANT/CABLE input on the TV.
  • If you receive your TV stations through a set-top box from a cable or satellite TV provider then please connect it to the TV using these connection method.
  • First method is HDMI input i.e Digital HD and SD video
  • Second one is AV input i.e analog SD video
  • The last one is Antenna input i.e analog SD video using NTSC.

Connecting a component with a composite AV video cable:-

If the best connection available on your component is AV or composite video output, connect it to the TCL Roku TV using a composite AV cable (not provided). Composite AV cables typically have three RCA type plugs on each end, color coded as follows:

      • Yellow: Video
      • Red: Audio, right channel
      • White or black: Audio, left channel Connect each plug to the corresponding connector on the component and on the TV.

Connecting a component with an HDMI cable:-

If possible, connect devices to you Roku TV TCL using HDMI cables. They provide the best video quality and also carry audio signals so that only one cable is needed. For best picture quality, we recommend that you use cables designated as High Speed (Category 2) HDMI cables.
Tip: You might need to configure your component to use its HDMI connector as an output. The connector labeled HDMI 3 IN (ARC) has the additional ability to use the audio return channel to send digital audio to a receiver or sound bar.

Connecting headphones or analog sound bar:-

You can connect headphones or an analog sound bar to the headphone jack. For this, Inserting a plug into the headphone jack disables the sound from the TCL Roku TV’s built-in speakers.

Connecting an AV receiver or digital sound bar:-

You can enjoy Dolby Digital multichannel sound from your Roku TV TCL if you connect a digital amplifier in either of two ways:
Digital optical audio out (SPDIF) – Connect a TOSLINK optical cable from the TV to the Optical input on your receiver or sound bar.
HDMI ARC – Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI (ARC) connector to the HDMI input on your receiver or sound bar. This connection uses the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature of the HDMI specification to output sound from the TV to a compatible device. To use this feature, you must configure the TV to enable HDMI ARC.

Preparing your TCL Roku TV for Internet connectivity:-

If you want to connect your TV to the Internet to watch streaming content, you must connect using a wireless modem/router or a wireless access point. The TV connects through a built-in wireless LAN adapter. The TV does not support a wired connection or the use of a USB network adapter. We recommend that your wireless connection supports the IEEE 802.11b/g/n specification for the best experience.

Plug your TV into a power outlet:-

You can see that the TV has power ON because the status light on the front of the TV lights up.

How can you change the channel on Roku TV TCL?

To change channels, you can do any of the following:

      • Press UP to change to the next higher channel.
      • Click on DOWN to change to the next lower channel.
      • Press LEFT to display the channel list, and then press UP and DOWN to move the highlight through the list one channel at a time.
      • press REWIND and FAST FORWARD to move the highlight through the list one page at a time.
      • When you’ve highlighted the channel you want to watch, press OK. (If you decide you don’t want to change channels, press RIGHT or BACK).
      • Press back option to jump to the previous channel. Press again to return to the channel you were watching before you pressed back option.

If you have any problem with Roku com link TV TCL then you may visit our website

How to Enjoy Roku channels with Roku Mobile App?

If you want to enjoy the Roku com link channels in your mobile phone, you must download the Roku “Mobile App”. Roku mobile app helps you to access your favorite videos, music or any content from the TV to your mobile phone.

Roku mobile App

Roku Activation Code

The app which allows you to access all the data like videos, images, media, content and much more from the TV to your mobile phone according to your desires. You can download the Roku mobile app from the play store.
With this app, you can access TV shows, movies, images at anytime from anywhere whenever you want. Using Roku mobile app you can do many things like

  • Access movies, images, music to your mobile phone.
  • Also, send movies, images, music to your TV.
  • Easily see the latest updates for movies, music, and the TV shows.
  • Find and add channels from the Roku channel store.
  • Search for any movie, music, content with your voice.
  • Also, Search for any movie, music, content with a virtual keyboard.

Some exciting features of Roku mobile app

  • Full control is in user’s hand
  • Search images, videos, and music
  • Fully supports user’s voice for searching
  • Send images, videos, and music to your TV

Full control is in user’s hand:-

With Roku mobile app full control is in user’s hand. The user can run all movies, image, music according to them.

Search images, videos, and music:-

You can search images, videos, and music whenever you want according to your interests.

Fully supports user’s voice for searching:-

Roku mobile app fully supports user’s voice. The user can search anything related to videos, images, texts and much more just by their voice. Instead of typing your related search information, you can use your voice for finding the information that you want to search.

Send images, videos, and music to your TV:-

With the Roku mobile app, you can easily watch your images, videos, and music on your TV. moreover, you can send any of the content from your mobile phone to your big screen TV.

Roku channels
Roku generally offers you two types of channels
  • free channels
  • Private channels
Free channels:-

Free channels are those channels which are pre-installed on every Roku device or you can say that channels that are predefined in every Roku player. List of some free channels are shown below:

  • CBS News
  • PBS
  • The CW
  • Roku Media Player
  • Weather Nation
  • Tubi TV
  • ABC News
  • Pandora
Paid channels:-

Paid channels are those channels which you can install according to your desires. Some of the paid channels are listing below:-

  • Television Shopping (TVS)
  • Netflix
  • Neon Party Games (H2CLHP)
  • My Channels (My Channels)
  • Update My Channels (UpdateMy Channels)
  • Hulu
  • CowBoy Classics (cowBoy)
  • Popular Science (Popular Science)
  • Capital TV (Capital Tv)
  • iTunes Podcasts (IDPC)
  • FilmOn (NMEVA)

You can enjoy all the above Roku channels in your phone by just downloading the Roku mobile app, Then go to and Enter Roku Activation Code.

The best streaming media device: Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick

Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick:

After Roku com link 3 model, Roku launches Roku 4 and Roku streaming stick model which have flat design. If you want to change your way to watch TV, you have to choose Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick. Here we are going to tell setup of Roku 4 Vs Roku streaming stick streaming player.

Roku Stick Activation code

How to setup Roku 4 streaming player?

1. Connect with Wi-Fi:

If you want to use wired network connection, you can use Ethernet cable for network connection. Insert Ethernet cable into the port on the back of Roku 4 player.After completing this, go for the next step.

2. Connect Roku 4 player to home TV:

Connect your Roku 4 streaming player to your home TV through HDMI cable. Insert the one end of HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of Roku 4 streaming player. Then insert the other end of HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your home TV

3. Connect Roku 4 to the power adapter:

Now you have to connect your Roku 4 to the power adapter. Insert one source into the Roku 4 and then plug it into the power source.

4. Set your Roku 4 remote:

After previous step, insert the power batteries into your Roku remote control from the (-) side.

5. Turn it on:

Now turn on your Roku 4 streaming player and wait for some time until it start. After some times it will show you the startup screen with Roku logo.

6. On screen setup:

  • Pair your remote with Roku player
  • Now select your language
  • Wait for network searching
  • Select your network connection
  • Enter network password

Roku streaming stick:

Roku streaming stick is the only device which you can carry into your pocket at anywhere and anytime. Roku streaming stick has the same features as Roku streaming player.

How to setup Roku streaming stick:

  1. Connect your streaming stick to your home TV. insert streaming stink into the HDMI port on the back of your home TV.
  2. Now open the battery cover of your remote and insert the batteries in it from the (-) side.
  3. Pair your Roku Remote control
  4. Select your language which you want to use
  5. Now connect your streaming stick to the network connection

So, there is not too much difference between Roku 4 and Roku streaming stick. If you want to choose Roku streaming stick then it will be very good according to comfort. Because it is very easy to carry Roku streaming stick and and connect it at anywhere. Roku streaming stick is easy to setup at and have all the features of Roku streaming player.

Apple TV vs Roku: Which streaming box should you buy?

Apple TV vs Roku

Although most of the streaming features are same in the all streaming device, Roku has some advanced features which are not available in other streaming devices. With advanced features, Roku com link becomes more popular day by day.
Here we are going to compare between Apple TV vs Roku streaming device.

Apple TV vs Roku

Apple TV:

Apple TV is costly as compare to Roku streaming player as well as lacks the app store. Apple TV comes with the small remote control which doesn’t have extra functionality and there is no shortcut button as well. In addition, Apple TV has less content in the app store.

Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

Roku TV has the well designed structure with advanced streaming features. The features of Roku TV are same as Roku streaming player. The main difference only is, in this you don’t have need to add streaming player. Roku provides enhanced remote control with advanced functionality.

Features of Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

  • Have small size which is easy to carry
  • Provides streaming through wireless network as well as wired network
  • Comes with HDMI cable as well as composite cable
  • If you have old TV then you can use component cable for connection
  • Provides Headphone jack for private listining
  • account maintain all your Roku related details as well as user details
  • Roku remote control have shortcut buttons for popular channels and apps
  • It is easy to setup
  • Roku provides more than 1000+ free channels
  • Roku provides more than 3500+ paid channels
  • You can add unlimited channels according to your choice from the channel store
  • Roku provide facility to add your credit card details in your account
  • Provide 24*7 technical support service
  • Provide chat support service
  • If user don’t have time, they can use Roku chat support service

Why you should buy Roku streaming player:

There are many reasons to buy Roku streaming player as we tell you in features of Roku streaming player. Besides this, Roku provides technical support as well as online support service. Moreover, now Roku provides mobile app for comfort. If you are facing any problem in Roku device you can take instant help from our technician.