Apple TV vs Roku: Which streaming box should you buy?

Apple TV vs Roku

Although most of the streaming features are same in the all streaming device, Roku has some advanced features which are not available in other streaming devices. With advanced features, Roku com link becomes more popular day by day.
Here we are going to compare between Apple TV vs Roku streaming device.

Apple TV vs Roku

Apple TV:

Apple TV is costly as compare to Roku streaming player as well as lacks the app store. Apple TV comes with the small remote control which doesn’t have extra functionality and there is no shortcut button as well. In addition, Apple TV has less content in the app store.

Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

Roku TV has the well designed structure with advanced streaming features. The features of Roku TV are same as Roku streaming player. The main difference only is, in this you don’t have need to add streaming player. Roku provides enhanced remote control with advanced functionality.

Features of Roku TV & Roku streaming player:

  • Have small size which is easy to carry
  • Provides streaming through wireless network as well as wired network
  • Comes with HDMI cable as well as composite cable
  • If you have old TV then you can use component cable for connection
  • Provides Headphone jack for private listining
  • account maintain all your Roku related details as well as user details
  • Roku remote control have shortcut buttons for popular channels and apps
  • It is easy to setup
  • Roku provides more than 1000+ free channels
  • Roku provides more than 3500+ paid channels
  • You can add unlimited channels according to your choice from the channel store
  • Roku provide facility to add your credit card details in your account
  • Provide 24*7 technical support service
  • Provide chat support service
  • If user don’t have time, they can use Roku chat support service

Why you should buy Roku streaming player:

There are many reasons to buy Roku streaming player as we tell you in features of Roku streaming player. Besides this, Roku provides technical support as well as online support service. Moreover, now Roku provides mobile app for comfort. If you are facing any problem in Roku device you can take instant help from our technician. or 1-855-531-3727 for Roku activation

After bought a Roku player, now you have to setup your Roku streaming player as well as activate account. For these two processes, you have to follow a few simple steps.

Steps for setup:

    1. First step is, connect the one end of HDMI cable to your TV and another end of HDMI cable to your Roku streaming player
    2. Insert power adapter into the back of your Roku streaming player and connect power connector to the power switch
    3. Open the battery cover and insert both batteries in it make sure always insert the batteries from (-) side
    4. Roku logo gives you a welcome screen
    5. For screen problem then follow these steps
    6. Confirm that, your power switch should work in a proper manner
    7. Select correct input on your TV system
    8. HDMI cord should be connected to the input source
    9. After that, you may show the instruction for remote pairing and setup
    10. Your remote successfully paired
    11. Now select your suitable language
    12. Now Roku streaming player search for provided network connection
    13. After connection, it will automatically update latest software
    14. Software update may take few moment

After setup Roku streaming player, activate your account.

Instructions for

Follow this instruction for account activation.

  1. By using a computer system or laptop enter the
  2. Now enter your Roku code on Roku Com Link Website
  3. If you have Roku account just sign in if don’t then create your Roku account
  4. After that, Set your security PIN code and enjoy your safe streaming
  5. You will be required for payment method for channel purchasing and transactions
  6. Add some channels in your channel list which you want to watch
  7. Your Roku is ready for streaming

Technical support for

How to find Roku Activation Link on your displayed screen:

Although users successfully install and activate Roku streaming player, sometimes they have some linking issues in Roku Activation code like:

1. Already entered the link code as well as submitted but processing is not showing on the TV screen

2. Roku successfully installed but link code still showing on the screen

3. Have link code but web page unable to accept that code

4. Code is not displayed on TV screen

So, these are some common problems related to Roku activation code that usually arrive while user wants to enter the code at No need to worrying about it because we have an optimal solution for these problems. Just follow few simple steps and get your solution.

Roku Activation Code

Solutions for Roku activation link code problems:

1. Already entered the link code as well as submitted but processing is not showing on the TV screen:

If you want to link your Roku player to an existing account then please follow these steps.

a. Go to for enter the Roku code and click on submit button.

b. Then chose already have one account.

c. Then enter your email as well as password and choose a payment method.

d. Now you can add the channels.

e. If you need to create a new account, go to and click on submit.

f. Then choose to create the new account and enter your details.

g. Choose a payment method and add some channel as well. Click on continue

2. Roku successfully installed but link code still showing on the screen:

If you have this type of problem then please follow these steps for the solution:

a. Firstly, you need to log in to your Roku account

b. Then select the ‘Help’ and go to ‘get a new code’ and enter the new code on

c. Wait for update, if not update then reset your Roku player

If still your problem is continued then you can call us on our technical support number and also you can use our chat support service. We are always here to help you.

Get most precious Gift Roku player as a Christmas Gift

We all are using Roku streaming player and enjoying our shows, movies, games music as well. Now this is the Christmas month, think for just a few minutes if you get or you want to give a Christmas Gift to your friend, your family member or your relatives then what could be the best gift on this Christmas. No need to think too much over this because we have wonderful offers as well suggestion. Yes, we talk about Roku streaming player, this is the suitable time to gift Roku streaming player as Christmas Gift.

Christmas Gift

Which could we choose as a Christmas Gift?

There are different verities are available in Roku streaming player you can choose anyone of these. If you are confused over it then will help you which could be better as your choice. Here we provide you feature of different Roku streaming players by reading these features you can easily choose your Roku streaming player.

1. Roku 1:

Roku 1 is the first generation of Roku streaming player. More than 1200 channels are supported in this including Netflix, Hulu etc by using this version you can enjoy your programs without any issues.

2. Roku 2:

Roku 2 can deliver you more apps, constant update as well. It offers you all goodness of Roku streaming player and so on.

3. Roku 3:

Roku 3 launches new updates in Roku streaming player. Roku 3 has an updated remote and voice search as well and it works properly well. Also, it gives you the headphones. It is fully comfortable and easy to use.

4. Roku ultra:

This is the new generation of Roku streaming player. Our ultra player has stunning $K and HDR picture quality with advanced technology and features.

5. Roku streaming Stick:

It is like a small pen drive you can carry it in your pocket or anywhere. You can see your favorite shows very fast by using Roku streaming stick.

So, these are the different generations of Roku streaming device, you can choose anyone of it and give the best gift on this Christmas. You can buy it online also.

If you need any help with Please contact us anytime.

How to use Roku player & add the channel to my Roku streaming player?

How to use Roku player and add the channel to my Roku streaming player? This is the first question comes in everyone’s mind when they use Roku at the first time. Although most of all use Roku device properly and easily but sometimes common problems may arise in your Roku device while at activation steps on We are always here to help you at every time because the problems are the problems no either small or big as well. So, don’t think over it now because we have an optimal solution for your problem. Read bellow for the solution.

Roku Streaming Player

How does Roku streaming player work?

You can by your Roku player from online also. Here are some instruction and guidelines for use. Firstly you have to setup your Roku streaming player: There are few steps for setup your Roku streaming player. Follow these steps for Roku setup.

1. Connect Roku streaming Payer to your TV:

For connecting Roku Streaming player to your TV, You will need an HDMI cable. This does not come with your Roku player. Then connect the power cord to the box and then plug in it. Remember that, there is not on or off switch for Roku it will always on.

2. Connect Roku Player to the network (internet):

You can connect to internet router by using an Ethernet cable or wireless network. If you are using the cable, it will automatically detect the signals. And if you are using the wireless connection, TV screen will show you steps for connection.

3. Signup For the Roku account:

If you already have an account then no need for signup. Otherwise create an Roku account.

4. Enter the Roku code:

This is the last step; enter your Roku Activation code on

How does add the channels:

After setup Roku Player, if you want to add channels to your TV then follow these few steps for it:-

1. Go for on your system.
2. Then select My Account, if you are not already logged in then signup your account.
3. After that, choose a category and browse or you can search for the specific channel as well.
4. Then follow the instruction for adding the channel.

So, this is all about how to use Roku player & add the channel to my Roku streaming player. Hope your problem will solve in an easy way. If you are still facing any problem then please connect to our customer support.