The best streaming media device: Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick

Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick:

After Roku com link 3 model, Roku launches Roku 4 and Roku streaming stick model which have flat design. If you want to change your way to watch TV, you have to choose Roku 4 Vs Roku Streaming Stick. Here we are going to tell setup of Roku 4 Vs Roku streaming stick streaming player.

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How to setup Roku 4 streaming player?

1. Connect with Wi-Fi:

If you want to use wired network connection, you can use Ethernet cable for network connection. Insert Ethernet cable into the port on the back of Roku 4 player.After completing this, go for the next step.

2. Connect Roku 4 player to home TV:

Connect your Roku 4 streaming player to your home TV through HDMI cable. Insert the one end of HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of Roku 4 streaming player. Then insert the other end of HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the back of your home TV

3. Connect Roku 4 to the power adapter:

Now you have to connect your Roku 4 to the power adapter. Insert one source into the Roku 4 and then plug it into the power source.

4. Set your Roku 4 remote:

After previous step, insert the power batteries into your Roku remote control from the (-) side.

5. Turn it on:

Now turn on your Roku 4 streaming player and wait for some time until it start. After some times it will show you the startup screen with Roku logo.

6. On screen setup:

  • Pair your remote with Roku player
  • Now select your language
  • Wait for network searching
  • Select your network connection
  • Enter network password

Roku streaming stick:

Roku streaming stick is the only device which you can carry into your pocket at anywhere and anytime. Roku streaming stick has the same features as Roku streaming player.

How to setup Roku streaming stick:

  1. Connect your streaming stick to your home TV. insert streaming stink into the HDMI port on the back of your home TV.
  2. Now open the battery cover of your remote and insert the batteries in it from the (-) side.
  3. Pair your Roku Remote control
  4. Select your language which you want to use
  5. Now connect your streaming stick to the network connection

So, there is not too much difference between Roku 4 and Roku streaming stick. If you want to choose Roku streaming stick then it will be very good according to comfort. Because it is very easy to carry Roku streaming stick and and connect it at anywhere. Roku streaming stick is easy to setup at and have all the features of Roku streaming player.

Get most precious Gift Roku player as a Christmas Gift

We all are using Roku streaming player and enjoying our shows, movies, games music as well. Now this is the Christmas month, think for just a few minutes if you get or you want to give a Christmas Gift to your friend, your family member or your relatives then what could be the best gift on this Christmas. No need to think too much over this because we have wonderful offers as well suggestion. Yes, we talk about Roku streaming player, this is the suitable time to gift Roku streaming player as Christmas Gift.

Christmas Gift

Which could we choose as a Christmas Gift?

There are different verities are available in Roku streaming player you can choose anyone of these. If you are confused over it then will help you which could be better as your choice. Here we provide you feature of different Roku streaming players by reading these features you can easily choose your Roku streaming player.

1. Roku 1:

Roku 1 is the first generation of Roku streaming player. More than 1200 channels are supported in this including Netflix, Hulu etc by using this version you can enjoy your programs without any issues.

2. Roku 2:

Roku 2 can deliver you more apps, constant update as well. It offers you all goodness of Roku streaming player and so on.

3. Roku 3:

Roku 3 launches new updates in Roku streaming player. Roku 3 has an updated remote and voice search as well and it works properly well. Also, it gives you the headphones. It is fully comfortable and easy to use.

4. Roku ultra:

This is the new generation of Roku streaming player. Our ultra player has stunning $K and HDR picture quality with advanced technology and features.

5. Roku streaming Stick:

It is like a small pen drive you can carry it in your pocket or anywhere. You can see your favorite shows very fast by using Roku streaming stick.

So, these are the different generations of Roku streaming device, you can choose anyone of it and give the best gift on this Christmas. You can buy it online also.

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