How to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV?

Connect Roku TV with laptop

This is not a big issue to play the content of your laptop to your Roku TV. Sometimes users face the problems during the process. So, here we are providing you the guidelines. Moreover, you have to follow these guidelines in order to play the content of your laptop to your TV.
We are showing you the guidelines below.

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Determine video output port on your laptop:

Firstly, you have to determine video output port on your laptop. Moreover, your laptop may have more than one port. In addition, these ports are located on the back of your laptop. Follow the steps.

Check video input port on your Roku TV:

This is totally depends on your TV type. Moreover, it depends on your standard HD TV or simple TV. In most of the TV models, video input ports are located on the back of your TV. Besides this, it may locate on the side of your TV.

Determine cable according to your laptop and TV:

First of all, if you have more than one option, need to connect by using the highest quality. Moreover, HDMI connection is the standard cable connection for the new TV as well as laptop. In addition, HDMI connection has the best quality as well as effortless settings. Besides this, if your TV has composite port, you can use the composite cable.

Audio cable (if required):

Some of the computers and HD TV are able to connect TV audio. Moreover, most of the TV needs separate audio and TV cable connections. Besides this, if you are using HDMI cable for connection, no need to carry separate audio cables. In addition, HDMI cable able to carry both audio signals as well as the video signal.

So, these are the guidelines that you have to follow. If you are facing any issues regarding or Roku activation Code, you can try another option. Moreover, you can use technical support service in order to solve your problems. We are always here to provide help. Our technicians will help you to solve all major as well as minor issues. You may visit us at our website or 1-855-531-3727 for Roku activation

After bought a Roku player, now you have to setup your Roku streaming player as well as activate account. For these two processes, you have to follow a few simple steps.

Steps for setup:

    1. First step is, connect the one end of HDMI cable to your TV and another end of HDMI cable to your Roku streaming player
    2. Insert power adapter into the back of your Roku streaming player and connect power connector to the power switch
    3. Open the battery cover and insert both batteries in it make sure always insert the batteries from (-) side
    4. Roku logo gives you a welcome screen
    5. For screen problem then follow these steps
    6. Confirm that, your power switch should work in a proper manner
    7. Select correct input on your TV system
    8. HDMI cord should be connected to the input source
    9. After that, you may show the instruction for remote pairing and setup
    10. Your remote successfully paired
    11. Now select your suitable language
    12. Now Roku streaming player search for provided network connection
    13. After connection, it will automatically update latest software
    14. Software update may take few moment

After setup Roku streaming player, activate your account.

Instructions for

Follow this instruction for account activation.

  1. By using a computer system or laptop enter the
  2. Now enter your Roku code on Roku Com Link Website
  3. If you have Roku account just sign in if don’t then create your Roku account
  4. After that, Set your security PIN code and enjoy your safe streaming
  5. You will be required for payment method for channel purchasing and transactions
  6. Add some channels in your channel list which you want to watch
  7. Your Roku is ready for streaming

Technical support for

How to use Roku player & add the channel to my Roku streaming player?

How to use Roku player and add the channel to my Roku streaming player? This is the first question comes in everyone’s mind when they use Roku at the first time. Although most of all use Roku device properly and easily but sometimes common problems may arise in your Roku device while at activation steps on We are always here to help you at every time because the problems are the problems no either small or big as well. So, don’t think over it now because we have an optimal solution for your problem. Read bellow for the solution.

Roku Streaming Player

How does Roku streaming player work?

You can by your Roku player from online also. Here are some instruction and guidelines for use. Firstly you have to setup your Roku streaming player: There are few steps for setup your Roku streaming player. Follow these steps for Roku setup.

1. Connect Roku streaming Payer to your TV:

For connecting Roku Streaming player to your TV, You will need an HDMI cable. This does not come with your Roku player. Then connect the power cord to the box and then plug in it. Remember that, there is not on or off switch for Roku it will always on.

2. Connect Roku Player to the network (internet):

You can connect to internet router by using an Ethernet cable or wireless network. If you are using the cable, it will automatically detect the signals. And if you are using the wireless connection, TV screen will show you steps for connection.

3. Signup For the Roku account:

If you already have an account then no need for signup. Otherwise create an Roku account.

4. Enter the Roku code:

This is the last step; enter your Roku Activation code on

How does add the channels:

After setup Roku Player, if you want to add channels to your TV then follow these few steps for it:-

1. Go for on your system.
2. Then select My Account, if you are not already logged in then signup your account.
3. After that, choose a category and browse or you can search for the specific channel as well.
4. Then follow the instruction for adding the channel.

So, this is all about how to use Roku player & add the channel to my Roku streaming player. Hope your problem will solve in an easy way. If you are still facing any problem then please connect to our customer support.

How to Enter Roku Code and Activate Roku device

After purchasing a Roku device, now the point is: How to Enter Roku Activation code at By following some simple steps, you can solve your issues related to Roku Activation. Whenever you enter Roku code may occur some error like; erroe001, error003, error014, error009. For this type of errors, we have an optimal solution to sort it out. The steps are given as below.

Steps for Roku activation at

Enter Roku code

Step: 1.

Firstly you have to find out which type of audio/video connection available in your TV is HDMI, either it is composite or component.

Step: 2.

Next step is, connect your Roku player to the TV by relevant cable.

Step: 3.

Then, find out whether you are using a wireless network or wired network. And choose an appropriate connection for activation.

Step: 4.

After that step, connect to the network.

Step: 5.

Now Roku player will automatically download and install the latest software as well.

Step: 6.

Roku player will reboot when software installation is over.

Step: 7.

System restarts and displays the startup screen.

Step: 8.

After this, Open a system (computer) and then type URL

Step: 9.

Code that displayed by the Roku Player, enter here and submit.

Step: 10.

Now create a new Roku account.

Step: 11.

Then log in and choose a payment method.

Step: 12.

As well as channel customization could be done here.

Step: 13.

So, now your Roku player ready to start.

Our technical support for Roku is always independent support as we are not affiliated with any other third party brand unless mention. We provide our free assistance or 24*7 on our toll-free number. We have the best technicians who are outstanding at their job positions and provide you 96% or more timely resolution of cases in lesser time with no hold time.

If you have any quarry regarding activation OR having the problem related to this process, please contact to our customer support for the solution.